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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 18, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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and a big break in bay area triple murder case. the far-off city where the suspect was located. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it's monday february 18th. i'm gay mick and this is bay area news at 7:00. in just the past few hours the university of california released a police sketch of a rape suspect following a daytime attack on the campus of uc sant kruz. . >> they say the suspect is a white male in his 30s to 40s and the victim told the police he
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had a tattoo on his white arm and smelled of cigarettes. police say the attack happened on the north end of campus just east of several lecture hals on science hill along a wooded trail. today we found campus police and santa cruz police investigators going other the site. investigators say the young woman was visiting the campus and she was walking alone just before 12:30 sunday afternoon when the attacker beat and raped her. >> the victim did not know the assailant and it happened in the middle of the day so that's -- that's shocking for the campus, and quite unusual. >> students received an e-mail alert. many say the wooded trails are often used to get around campus. >> this is really shocking. i didn't ever think anything like this would actually happen. >> part of it is there's no direct path to get from one part to another so it's why we have a lot of these trails that go through the wood sos that's how you get places. >> police say the victim was taken to do min can hospital. she describes the suspect as white male, 30 to 40 years old,
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about 5-11, 200 pounds with black hair, green eyes, a tattoo on his right bicep partly covered. the victim says the man smelled of cigarettes and after the assault he ran away. there is an average of two to four sexual offenses reported on campus each year, but the suspect usually is not a stranger. here is another look at the sketch of the rape suspect, and i've learned tonight that campus police are planning to hold a public safety forum on wednesday at 7:00 right here on campus. reporting live from uc santa cruz, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for details this rape at uc santa cruz comes six days after a 21-year-old stubt was shot at a bus stop near campus. she is recovering. police are urging students to be cautious and go out in groups if possible. there's word tonight that police in alabama have arrested a man linked to a triple homicide in sonoma county. three men were found shot and killed inside this forestville home on february 56th. authorities characterize it as a
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marijuana deal gone bad. well, now sonoma county deputies revealed that a 46-year-old colorado man was arrested last week in mobile, alabama. he's awaiting extradition to california. now, to our continuing coverage of today's efforts to recover the body of a hiker who fell to his death in san jose after working all day, crews have retrooefd the body. the body was spotted yesterday at the bottom of north fall. the hiker has not been identified but is believed to be a santa clara man reported missing on saturday. he appears to have plunged more than 100 feet down the cliff. the rugged terrain where he fell is off limits. >> the area where the events are going on right now used to have trails, but they've been closed for a long time. there are lots of signs, the things telling people to stay out. >> the recovery effort had to be delayed until today because of the rough terrain. the body is being examined by
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the coroner's office. released autopsy results for a petaluma teen who died at south lake tahoe after she went missing on new year's eve. evidence of meth amphetamines was found in 19-year-old's alyssa byrne's system. the cause of death is listed as probable hypothermia. deputies say the teen's boot prints in the snow suggest she wondered disoriented. lawmakers in washington are up against the clock again tonight. they're in recess this week but have less than two weeks to agree to reducing the nation's debt or face $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. the cuts would take 9% of funding for domestic programs and 13% from defense programs. senate democrats are pushing a plan that includes new revenue and cuts, but republicans say the president already got a tax increase in january. now, those cuts could ground the blue angels annual visit toth bay area. as rob roth explains, that part of fleet week may not fly this
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year. >> you can usually hear them before you see them. some call the blue angels the greatest show on or above earth. >> it's a great family outing for our kids. >> the blue angels have been the unquestionable star at san francisco's yearly fleet week celebration but their wings may be getting clipped. the u.s. navy has put out a memo saying if se quest ration hits it plans to cancel funding for blue angels shows in the second half of this year saving some $20 million nationally. skwes ration means across the board cuts that would strike march 1st if congress can't reach an agreement on deficit reduction. >> we would lose millions of dollars in economic activity in what is a very significant event for san francisco. >> we're going to go underneath the golden gate bridge and around al have a traz. >> fleet week is worth a lot of money and the blue angels are a part of that. >> everybody wants to get on the boats and see the blue angels from the bay so there's thousands of boats out there during fleet week so it's very,
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very -- it would be devastating, i think, for the wharf. >> i think it's cool because i think it's a great tourist attraction. >> city officials also say they hear numerous complaints about the sonic boom-like noise of the blue angels. if the blue angels don't fly, he won't miss them. >> by flying over san francisco where people are and a lot of buildings are to me is dangerous. >> some city officials are telling us that without the blue angels the entire fleet week celebration could be in jeopardy. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now hoim land security says we can expect longer lines at airport security check points if those automatic budget cuts kick in. cabin secretary says the tas would have to furlough tens of thousands of workers who check ids and scan luggage. that could increase the wait for domestic flights by an hour and international flights by two hours. the u.s. postal service is losing billions of dollars and planning to eliminate routine saturday delivery but now we've learned the agency is raising
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eyebrows over plans to send huns of top executives to a pricey conference in san francisco next month. the four-day conference features workshops and meetings but also a golf outing, dance party, and a lavish dinner. documents we obtained show the travel exhibits space another incidental to cost the u.s. postal service $2.2 million. >> need to be concerned about the object of this and they need to maybe be concerned about, you know, ratcheting back some of what may be perceived as being some of their more luks rous activities. >> the postal service says its attendees will have to pay their own way for some of the leisure activities. it says being at the conference will twhaully make the agency money and create future business. best buy plans to start a new price-matching policy starting march 3rd. best buy says it'll match the best price customers find at local competitors such as fry's, wal-mart or target as well as from 19 of the biggest online retailers such as amazon. analysts say best buy has been
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suffering from something called showrooming. that's where people go check out an item in the store then go home and get the best price they can online. two of the biggest office supply stores reportedly talking about a merger. the wall street journal says office depot and office max are in advanced talks and that an announcement could come later this week. if a merger goes through, stores located near each other would likely close. together those two chains have some 2500 stores. family is lucky to have escaped uninjured after a massive tree came crashing down on their home this afternoon. this happened just before 1:30 on alameda diablo. the 300-year-old oak tree caused extensive damage toth home and three vehicles. the tree is thought to have a disease that weakened its root system. workers say it'll take them another day or day and a half to completely remove this tree from the property. uc berkeley basketball coach mike montgomery is apologizing tonight for pushing one of his star players during sunday's
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game versus usc. cal was losing in the second half. words were exchanged and you see there montgomery shoved junior guard alan crabbe. the two were separate and had crabbe walked toward the locker room. in a statement coach montgomery said he acted in the heat of the moment and said, quote, while my intent was to motivate our student athlete, my behavior was inappropriate, and i apologize for my actions. on campus today we found that some cal fans didn't think it was a big deal. >> people can come across and they can make mistakes and when you recognize mistakes, you try and correct them and you move on from there. >> cal's athletic director sandy barber also released a statement saying quote, it is unacceptable for our coaches to have physical contact with student athletes regardless of the circumstances. i am confident something like this will not happen again. not clear if montgomery will face any disciplinary action, however, we talked with a state lawmaker who said uc should suspend the coach. that part of the controversy tonight on ktvu's 10:00 news. the san francisco giants have named pitcher matt cane as
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their opening-day starter. he said cane earned it after a terrific season last year, which included a perfect game in june. the giants open against the dodgers in los angeles april 1st. cane could also be the starter for the home opener. that's april 7th. bay area singer performed today in honor of the new town shooting victims and to encourage parents to question school safety. >> linda says she wanted to use her talents to let children know they are loved following the masker of 20-year-old in connecticut. today's concert took place in a berkeley coffee shop. tillery plans to hold more. new information emerging tonight about the newtown shooter. adam lanza was quote on soeszed with the nor wee january man who killed 77 people in a mass shooting in 2011. authorities would not say what evidence they found that linked the case to norway but investigators did they lanza was motivated by a violent videogame
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and he was likely honing his shooting skills by spending countless hours playing them. ahead tonight what we've learned about a weekend crash on san francisco bay involving a motor boat and a passenger ferry. what investigators are now saying about who's at fault: plus a short-lived plan to water down bourbon. why makers is admitting it was off the mark. back here in just a couple minutes some light showers falling outside right now. there's rain for your morning commute. i'll give you the exact time line for what you can expect for tuesday morning. you can't move the tv there.
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. police say a man suspect of stealing an suv was killed during a high speed chase through san jose overnight. it all started just after 11:00 p.m. near capital expressway and towers lane. police say the 20-year-old driver tried to run over an officer making a traffic stop.
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with police in pursuit, the driver sped southbound on 101 bfsh careening off law son hill road and into a ravine. the 20-year-old driver died there at the scene. two female teenaged passengers walked away from the crash. the marin county coroner confirms one of two people injured in a boat accident on the bay this weekend died from his injuries. ali razzman has new information about the victim and the coast guard's investigation into the accident. >> on a busy and warm saturday afternoon, many people on the tiburon peninsula saw the after math of a collision between a golden gate ferry boat and a 22-foot motor boat. >> it was just krufrmged in the front. the -- the windshield was broken and so the -- it looked like the ferry boat had come right over the front or the front star board side of the boat. >> the boed boat driver and its passenger were rushed to this dock by coast guard rescue crews. >> it wasn't moving at all. >> his head was bleegd and he was like --.
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>> the passengers 68-year-old harry of oregon died from his injuries at marin general hospital about an hour after the collision. we spoke to his coworkers by phone who explained he was a real estate appraiser in the bay area to teach a two-day klass at the appraisal constitute in oakland. coast guard investigators interviewed the boat driver yesterday morning who is still in the hospital. nvlthers can't reveal what the driver sadz about the crash but their investigation will focus on how it happened. >> if the results show that someone is at fault for someone else's death then absolutely they can be held -- held accountable. >> the coast guard hopes to release their report later this week. >> we're looking for any information at all, witnesses, you know, pictures, videos, anything anybody has if they can come forward toth coast guard. >> the golden gate ferry involved in the collision is back in service. the five crew members working on board at the time of the crash are also back at work, but the captain is still on administrative leave. in tiburon, ali, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the coast guard says it has found the cause of the engine room fire that disabled the carnival cruze ship last week.
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the fire knocked out power toth ship 3,000 plus passengers endured five days of miserable conditions. the coast guard commander said that there was a leak in the fuel oil return line in one of the ship's engines. she also praised the crew for how it responded toth fire. the coast guard investigation is expected to take six months. there are questions tonight about why country singer mindy mccready was allow today leave court-ordered drug rehab despite threatening to kill hearst earlier this month. exboyfriend says the mother of two spent only about 18 hours in the substance abuse treatment center before being released. she was found dead of an apparent suicide yesterday on the front porch of her arkansas home, the same place her boyfriend died last month of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. her two sons remain in foster care. los angeles lakers owner has died. according to his assistant, he died of kidney failure. he had been hospital iedz for most of the past 18 months being
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treated for an undisclosed cancer. he bought the lakers back in 1979 and ledz them to ten nba champ yoven ships. the team is now southern california's most beloved sports franchise valued at $1 billion. jerry bus was 80 years old. stanford researchers hope their new study will help improve the quality of teachers in low-income areas of our state. they say the key here is more money. in the study offer add teacher's salary of up to 13% more per year. it saw a rise in the number of job applicants and saw more qualified teachers applying. the white house today unveiled a new tool to help sthunts compare colleges. the online college score card starks up clijs based on criteria such as cost and graduation rates. for example, we found the average stanford student pays more than $21,000 a year. uc berkeley, students there pay about 15,000 a year. 96% of stanford students earn their bachelor's degree at six
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years. at uc berkeley, it's 90%. just look under hot topics then click on ktvu web links. young people who smoke are obese and have high blood sugar are more likely to die before age 55. the centers for disease control and prevention studied more than 9200 people between the ages of 12 and 39. they found smokers had an 86% greater risk of dying before 55 compared to those who did not. those who were obese when they were young had a 39% higher likelihood of dying and those with high blood sugar levels tripled their risk of dying before turning 55. an abrupt about face by the whiskey producers makers mark is hitting the spot for loyal customers. as jade hernandez reportsitis also brought add publicity to what is already a very hot item. >> the web site's front page says it all. you spoke, we listened, here's proof. today the kentucky-based company resumed production at its
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regular alcohol content, 45% instead of 42% reversing the decision made last week to weaken the bourbon. >> the initial thought is wow. are they thinking this over. >> douglas smith organized the whiskey's of the world for four years in san francisco. this year ooevents will be held in april. >> they want consistency in their formula, in their flavor, and to -- to do that, it's kind of questionable so you -- first of all, you wounder, then when they come back a week later is it a marketing ploy. >> at one point smith considered a tasting booth at the expo to compare the two whiskeys. >> i don't know if i can get a bottle of the 86 proof to use for that. >> you think it's them as, you know, as moderate as, like, for $20? say in the last week in particular, there's been a little bit of a heightened interest in maker's mark. >> the owner of healthy spirits in the city only has one maker's mark, a medium-priced whiskey left. he says the publicity has sparked curiosity, but he's
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always had trouble keeping the already-possession of a weaponular drink on his shelf. >> even the suppliers are having difficulty stocking it. as you can see, i'm done. this is the only one i have for no other reason that i'm unable to buy it. >> which is exactly what maker's mark said was their initial problem. high demand and their inability to keep up. every year for the past couple of years, bourbon sales have been up 200%. in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. burger king says it doesn't know who's behind today's hacking of its twitter account to make it look like it was sold to mcdonald's but take a look here at what the burger king twitter profile looked like at about 9:00 this morning. golden arches front and center. authorities say whoever did this appears to be a fan of the group anonymous. they also asked readers to follow that group. in this case you might call it buck for the bang. the rush now for riches being sparked by last week's spectacular meteor crash and wet and cold conditions on the verge
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of returning toth bay area. our chief meteorologist bill martin lays out which neighborhoods will be the wettest and when you can expect the arrival of rain.
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. the reyes for cosmic souvenirs is on in russia. that's a sign to say they've yet to find many of the pieces of
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meteorite that fell to earth last week. officials identified 53 fragments so far collected that they say is just a fraction of the debris left by that large meteorite which exploded in fire ball. impact shattered windows across the region and injured some 1100 people. here in the bay area as cold and gray as it was today i can barely remember the 70s we had last thursday. >> 48 hours ago we had temperatures in the 60s and it is changed. showers now showing up in park area, ocean beach, san francisco, san mateo, light showers, sprinkles, no biggie. take a look outside. the system kind of bearing down a little bit. don't be fooled by this radar here. what i'm sighing here is a lot of green, but it's not all hitting the ground. some of this is -- actually, most of this is not hitting the ground. a lot of this is kind oaf vap rating but the atmosphere is moistening up. you might see a few sprinkles and certainly after midnight but getting moister and moister and as that does itself for tomorrow
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morning it's going to start to rain on your morning commute especially in the north. the main impact will be the rain but the other huge impact will be the plum etting temperatures, gasia, sort of elude today that, that hey, a couple days ago, it was 60, 70. look what happened. by wednesday -- by tomorrow upper 40s. by werngsz same thing. upper 40s, row 50s so a cool period coming up. snow on some bay area peaks, as well so let's track this or time this through tonight into tomorrow morning's commute. so here's 8:00 p.m.. that's that drizzle that you're seeing some light sprinkles overnight early in the morning. 4:00 a.m.. okay. there's a wave. so, now, the roadways are waet 4:00 a.m.. not heavy rain. quarter inch, half inch out of this at best, but it's wet and the morning commute. a lot of foeks going back to work. it's been a holiday week. little bit swechlt watch what happens here. break about 5:00 a.m. and then 7:00 a.m. and if you ride a motorcycle to work tomorrow probably not the day in the morning commute. boom all over us. 8:00 a.m.
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hour in the commute which can be one of the busiest time social security going to be going off so will be in here 4:30 in the morning talking about this so you're not riding your bike or motorcycle to work. then you get a break around 10:00 a.m. and then there you go. get to kind of things start to mellow out. the five-dha forecast coming upright here. loofk at the temperatures forecast five-day forecast bay area weekend in view. gasia kind of cold showers. might see a little sun in the afternoon then more showers tomorrow night. see you tonight at 10:00. >> okay. thank you, bill. the city of san jose is flipping the switch for about 900 street lights saying it found the money to pay the power bill. back in 2008, the city decided to shut off the lights in an effort to save money. at the time officials said they had to choose between continuing work on traffic signs and signal repairs or keeping the street lights on. just last weeshgs the city council approved the mid-year budget report which includes turning on more than 250 street lights every month. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our
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coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight a time to wheel and deal. what we learned about gas prices fueling car sales this holiday weekend. keep many mind we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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